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Zesty is the best way to monetize your spatial/XR apps. If you're an advertiser, it's a great way to advertise to users who own an XR headset or a spatial computer. Through our network, we reach an average of 300,000 monthly unique users.


As a developer, you would be joining a growing community of WebXR developers to monetize your content. We are currently working on integrating prebid.js to increase revenue for the ecosystem. We support most spatial web frameworks, including A-Frame, Babylon.js, Three.js, Unity and Wonderland Engine.

For payments, we use Stripe to directly deposit to your bank account securely and easily.


Zesty Market ads have worked for multiple different applications, including native XR games, WebXR experiences, VR fitness apps and even gaming accessories. As an advertiser you would be certain that all of the traffic for the ads you run with us are coming from users who have an XR headset such as those from Meta or Apple.